Finally we have had a year (2014 growing year) with enough rain at the correct times to set and mature pecans. Due to the long drought and damage to the trees, the crop is much less than in the past, but well-filled. I will need to rework the catalog but do notice we sell in-shell pecans and are not a pecan processor.

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Welcome to Meriage Farm Pecans


Meriage Farm Pecans is a small family-owned orchard located in Falls County, Texas. We planted about 50 of our pecan trees in 1985 shortly after moving to this location. We chose Choctaw, Cheyenne and Desirable varieties for our first planting. There are also 90 younger pecan trees that are not yet in production.


Chemical-Free Pecans

Though we have not yet completed the steps to be certified organic, we do not use chemical insecticides on our trees. We have sprayed our trees with zinc to insure healthy growth. We maintain the orchard by frequent mowing and removal of dead wood. The result is a large, well-filled pecan free of chemicals, although not yet certified organic.

Extra Large Pecans

texas pecan in-shell

In the past, our crop was machine harvested but we were not happy with the damage done to our trees so we now hand harvest our entire crop. After harvesting, the pecans are washed with a mild bleach solution to remove dirt and clean the outer shell. The pecans are then air dried on a screen rack to remove excess moisture.

All the processing is done by hand. At this time, our operation is not large enough to support the cost of equipment. Hand processing is more labor intensive and time consuming, but it results in a quality Texas in-shell pecan product that you will be glad to use yourself or give as a gift to your friends, relatives and acquaintances.


The 2012 Crop

This summer has been extremely dry and our trees are not irrigated. As a result the 2012 crop has a higher than usual occurance of small kernals. We won't have as many extra large pecans for our gift bags as in the past, but will post on the site when our supply gets low. When our supply of extra large pecans is gone, we will still have the gift bags, but with large pecans instead of extra large.